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If you're on the outside looking in and wonder where all the content went, I apologize. I just decided it was time because I'm planning to start posting more again and don't want to have to censor myself on sensitive issues. If you think you're on the wrong side of the door, drop me a comment here or Email me.

Thanks for reading,

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So we're back at that "hitting the wall" stage again, where I'm realizing the zero-progress effect I'm living under is continuing to shred the foundations of what makes me, me. When I'm balanced and have access to a few of the little things that enhance my calm & serenity, I can be generally stable and hold things together rather well. This has not been one of those months, and perhaps a good example why I need to write more.

Now that the budget has been re-worked and we're settling money back into the right places in the right order, etc, one major headache has been resolved. There is still a significant gap between what we need to spend money on (clothes, auto repair, etc) and what we can spend money on, but it is more manageable now. The problem is I have no outlets any more.

I work Sunday - Wednesday, 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM. On my days off, even when the kids are in school, they are never off for me. Errands, sleep, chores... I really just need a break. A REAL break. To be able to go and do and live.
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1) Shift-bid just opened up, with no explanation of how they will determine who lands where and myriad choices of "available" shifts. There's an excellent chance I may get shafted on this.

2) After clearly observing and reporting the sale of the wrong support plan for a customer's needs, the sup declined to refund it because "they didn't ask" for the refund. I think they were too smitten by my understanding of the actual problem and sympathy to recall they'd just been shafted out of $100.

3) The rules we follow to do the job we do are changing. They are leaning so far away from what it really takes to support the devices we're supposed to be fixing, the reputation our department has built on being high fix & customer satisfaction is going to plummet because nobody wants to pay 3x as much for us to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

4) The pay still sucks and a raise is unlikely at this juncture since I've only been on this tie-over job for about 6 months. Our expenses are on their way back up, and we need to fix this now.

So, anybody have a knack for editing IT resumes? I could really use some help, and my budget is weak.
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So the transition to gluten free in our household has been an annoying one for me, and possibly a health impacting one. While my spouse is enjoying better overall health from the removal of gluten from her diet, it has reduced and changed the way I eat as well.

While I don't mind the assist these changes has given to my own weight loss, I'm not taking in enough protein. How do I know this? I donate plasma twice a week and they've noted a drop in my levels. I don't eat a lot of bread in my preferred diet, but enough of the foods I choose include some form of bread product. In an effort to make sure there's enough GF bread for her and the kids, I'm trying to eat as little of it as possible.

Also? I not only like wheat bread, I feel better when I eat it. Go figure, eh? So now I'm facing a tough choice: try to find other things to supplement my protein intake that doesn't involve the bread I'm so used to, or keep my own wheat-product stash someplace nobody else can get to it. Yay.

For now, I'm going to start with trying to eat more eggs, and I've found some tasty sounding beans & rice recipes that can be done in just the crock pot.

Wish me luck?
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I'm glad you are winning your battle with alcoholism. Five years clean and sober is an amazing milestone. Good for you!

I liked that Facebook post until I expanded it and read all the way down. Giving all praise to the higher power you worship for succeeding in overcoming a challenge is a thin, grey line from those who give all praise to a higher power before they martyr themselves to kill others. Your faith helped inspire you and guide you. The Hand of God didn't come down and knock a drink out of your hand. You chose not to pick it up.
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I realized today, after another experience of mind-rending stress that I had no anonymous space into which to vent my bile over the incident in question.


I've had invites offered periodically, but never took them since I was snug in my little LJ hole. We'll see where this goes, eh?
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Jan. 19: In a Special Comment, Countdown’s Keith Olbermann explains that President-elect Barack Obama should not be afraid to prosecute those elected officials complicit in act of torture in order to prevent the same mistakes from happening again.

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Lyrics link below.

Text of Ani's lyrics are: behind the cut. )
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The power to pardon as used by the president in recent times should be revoked. Period end.

If a crime is committed on behalf of a particular administration, regardless of the position held by the persons suspected of said crime, it should investigated, prosecuted and punished through the same process any other person would be expected to face. To allow otherwise blocks open the door for further acts of tyranny like "signing letters" that give illusion that a president can edit law to fit his need.

It was Abraham Lincoln who said "that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." Of. By. For. Why then, should we allow the threads of the tyranny this country was founded to escape creep back into the oval office?
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From XKCD.com

Mouse-over text is only visible on the website:
"It's easier to be an asshole to words than to people."
Original located here.

Bumped from June 18th due to relevance of the political season. Share it around.
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Because if we don't stand up, speak up, and share our opinions, the change this country needs will never be realized.

Behind the cut, Dave's notes on co-writing this with Bono, inspiration from Dr. King, the guest list and lyrics. )
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